Modern kids and teens have a lot of responsibilities and pressures. Yoga can provide physical activity, mindful breathing and meditation which can help kids during their daily lives. Here’s why you should enroll your child in a Yoga Central class and why its different from a regular adult class.

Kids Yoga

The benefits of yoga for kids:

  • Kids will learn body awareness though taking yoga. They have to rely on their own sensations to determine how far to stretch and learn the limitations of their body. They also become aware that their body, flexibility, balance and coordination can improve over time.
  • Some kids are not great at traditional, mainstream sports. Doing yoga allows them to explore other options for physical activity that may appeal to them.
  • Imagine how stressed you can feel on a daily basis. Now imagine how a child with developing coping skills can feel. Children are especially susceptible to stress and yoga can aid in relaxation.
  • Taking yoga classes can help kids concentrate and focus better while they are in school. Their grades and teacher will thank you!
  • Yoga develops self-discipline in kids. They have to learn to listen to the instructor, move through poses in a structured way and hold poses for a certain length of time. It helps them learn that their muscles and body can do more than they think and they can get stronger.

How is a kids yoga class is different:

  • The classes are taught by an instructor that knows how to structure classes for kid and make it fun and relevant to them.
  • The classes are much smaller.
  • The difficulty of poses is modified.
  • The pace of the class is reduced.
  • They get to role-play and have a ton of fun! Your kids will love roaring like a lion, mooing like a cow, and meowing like a cat along with the poses.

Introduce your child to yoga by contacting Yoga Central at (780) 439-0014 or peruse our schedule and register your child for a class aimed at kids.