Welcoming All

We built the Yoga Studio to offer Edmonton a welcoming yoga practice that is open to all types of people, regardless of age, experience or condition. Our belief is that yoga can be a life changing activity; something to help you find balance, harmony and peace. By building a fun and inclusive yoga practice that is taught with care, we help people become healthy in mind, body and soul.

Diversity of Programs

Part of being very inclusive to different people is offering programs that are tailored around different needs. Yoga Studio provides an assortment of practices from beginner to advanced, hot or cold; we have classes that are designed to challenge you. With specially built programs for expectant mothers, athletes, children and those seeking a deeper yoga experience, we give Edmonton one of the most diverse yoga selections.

Yoga Central is About the People

Each teacher here is open to offer their interpretation of yoga, giving unique and exciting workouts that change with each instructor. It builds up our culture of creating a healthy environment by empowering our teachers to explore their personal approach, and deliver inspiring yoga to their students.

Give it a Try!

Whether it’s your first time to yoga or you’re a veteran of the practice, come to our Edmonton studio and meet the people. As a growing school with passionate teachers, we know there is a mix that’s right for you!

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