The snow has melted and you are looking forward to the beginning of your summer! This can also be a prime time for people to let their fitness routine fall by the wayside. You get out of your regular daily pattern of and working out and suddenly it has been weeks since you’ve hit the gym or attended a yoga class. We know how this can happen; you’re probably catching up on yard work, spending time reconnecting with family and socializing with friends and just enjoying the summer weather by doing activities outdoors. It can be all too easy to let exercise slip to the bottom of your priorities.

When you neglect your yoga practice, you can lose many of the benefits and health improvements you may experience when you go to a class regularly.

  • Your muscles can become tense and stiff when you aren’t doing yoga and being diligent about stretching.
  • You might notice a decrease in your flexibility and range of motion when you cut out on your yoga classes.
  • Yoga teaches you to connect with your breath and its restorative power. You may become less mindful of your breathing when you have long periods without attending yoga.
  • Yoga has the amazing benefit of decreasing anxiety. You might find yourself experiencing mental stress creeping back into your life during the summer months away from the yoga mat.

The solution to keeping your body active and strong during summertime is Yoga Central’s Summer Yoga Promotion:

  • This promotion is in effect from June 15-30. You can come into Yoga Central during those two weeks to purchase the pass.
  • The yoga pass you buy is valid for 3 months (from the date of purchase) of unlimited yoga. We have three options for you:
  • 3 months of unlimited yoga for $299.00.
  • Buy the 5 class pass for $80.00 and get 2 free passes.
  • Buy the 10 class pass for $140.00 and get 5 free passes.

Even though it’s Summer, don’t fall out of your fitness routine! Contact Yoga Central at (780) 439-0014 to learn more about the Summer Yoga Promotion.