Start your journey of becoming a yoga instructor with Yoga Central. The owner, Sheila Shorten, started this program because she thinks it’s important that her studio offers comprehensive training.”It gives novice yoga students an opportunity to share their knowledge and advance their study of yoga.” She believes that people fall in love with yoga because they start to notice the benefits in their bodies and their overall life. “They learn to breathe, to understand the mind/body connection and they become more compassionate and empathetic towards others.”

The instructors say “be prepared for a life changing experience and be ready to be challenged.” The practice of yoga can be extraordinarily intense, not only in a physical sense. It requires a lot of internal awareness and introversion that is not openly encouraged in our society. It is not mainstream for us to search inwards. It’s so much easier to think ‘I’m going to go shopping, go to a movie, or hang out with my friends.’ There may be things about your life that will be brought to your awareness and when you have face it and it may make you want to run. We do not see this impulse as a weakness, but as an opportunity for growth. You will come out at the end blessed and reap the rewards of finishing the program.

The curriculum for Yoga Central’s teacher training program is designed to the standards of Yoga Alliance certification. Yoga Alliance is a foundation that promotes the integrity of the practice and teaching of yoga and has certified over 75,000 teachers and studios all over the world.

To learn more or to register for Yoga Central’s teacher training program, contact us at (780) 439-0014 or