Even though yoga has been practiced in the west for well over a century, there are still a lot of myths and false information that is disseminated about the practice. Some of these misconceptions may be preventing people who could really benefit from yoga from attending a class and improving their body, and their lives. Yoga Central wants you to make educated decisions about your fitness regimen and we want to debunk some myths that have circulated about yoga.

I Need to Be Really Flexible to do Yoga

Every individual begins their yoga journey at different level of fitness and flexibility. This is absolutely acceptable and expected by any qualified yoga instructor. They will know how to work with students at various stages of ability and levels of experience with yoga. You may have a stiff body to begin with, but regular yoga classes help to relax rigid muscles. People focus far too much thought on being perfect at something right away and they forget that the goal is the development of our flexibility, not comparing yourself to the stereotype of a contortionist yogi.

I Won’t get Injured Doing Yoga

Many people are under the mistaken impression that yoga is so easy and you can’t get hurt while practicing this physical activity. While yoga is a safe exercise it can result in knee tears, hamstring pulls, wrist strains, and neck injuries if students are not listening their bodies. The truth is that you need to ensure you conduct your practice correctly to avoid injury. When you’re starting out you should always do yoga in a class with a certified teacher. Taking a beginner class is a great way to move slowly and integrate the movement into your understanding.

Yoga is Associated with Religion

Some people think that to become a yogi they must embrace a new religious doctrine or spiritual creed that may conflict with their current beliefs. It’s certainly true that yoga has imcorporated some Hindu and Bhuddist teachings, this is not the main focus of any yoga class, especially in Canada. While there are some spiritual aspects of the practice, your yoga experience is entirely what you make of it.

Yoga Classes are Meant for Women

Can we talk about the gender bias when it comes to yoga? Many people harbor the notion that yoga classes are for women. This has turned many men off of considering the practice because they view it as “feminine” and think that they couldn’t benefit from such a class. Yoga Central’s instructors have seen that men have been coming to yoga in droves and in some cases our classes can almost be gender balanced. Yoga can be a physically challenging workout, and you won’t face any raised eyebrows at Yoga Central if you’re a guy coming to one of our classes.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t do Yoga

There is a belief out there that women who are having a baby shouldn’t continue with their yoga practice. Truthfully, there is no reason why women who are pregnant can’t continue attending classes, if they are medically cleared to do so. Our highly skilled teachers can modify certain poses and take down the intensity to meet the needs of pregnant women. They encourage poses that reduce the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy which keeps the mother happy and healthy while remaining safe for the developing fetus.

If you have questions about yoga and what practicing this ancient art is really like, contact Yoga Central at (780) 439-0014. We want to make sure that all current and potential practitioners of yoga have correct, non-biased and accurate information.