Our Approach to Beginner Yoga in Edmonton

Yoga Central is about providing a very inclusive and enjoyable experience. We cater to all types of people and levels of exposure, and our teachers work on a personal level to tailor workouts that are ideal for you.

For beginners yoga, there is a core expectation we work towards:

  • The class is tailored for people new to yoga or prefer a more mild workout
  • We build a foundation of balance and strength to help you progress in skill
  • The workout is at a slower pace with more focus on stress relief
  • We educate you on proper and safe yoga technique

Our Beginner Yoga Programs

Drop in Yoga

  • Wednesday nights with Chantelle: 6pm-7:15pm until September 6th, 2017.
  • Starting September 13th, 2017 beginner Yoga Drop in will move to 7:45pm with Harry Aime
  • Registered Beginner Basics Class in the fall of 2017.  Saturday September 9th -October 21st, 2017.  Note: No class October 7th, 2017 for Thanksgiving weekend.

Building a Proper Foundation

As you progress through the art of yoga, you will experience very dramatic poses and exercises meant to challenge your body. All of this starts from learning a basic foundation of breathing, balance and strength.

Going through our beginner programs, you’ll learn the techniques that help hone your body. Easy, approachable activities that gently push your body, helping you learn what’s comfortable. This ensures you avoid injury and get the skills you need before proceeding into more advanced practices.

Guided Approach to Beginner Yoga

The pace and style of yoga is ideal for different body types, people who are pregnant or have suffered injuries. Our goal as beginner yoga instructors is to understand your limitations and build exercises that work for you.

When we guide a beginner class, we offer alternative workouts and postures that help everyone enjoy yoga without causing strain and discomfort.

Our Variety of Yoga Instructors

Part of our culture is letting our great instructors offer their own take on a yoga workout. Each person is different and approaches in a unique way, so we encourage our students to try different teachers and find a fit that is best.