Hot Yoga

We turn the temperature (38 degrees Celcius) and humidity up for this style of practice.

The heat is used to help our bodies move into the postures. In Canada where we experience cooler weather, the heat helps us to feel more relaxed and agile in our bodies. Come see what all the buzz is about… Hot Yoga Rocks!


Hot Flow

Not recommended for Beginners. We recommend trying our Warm Flow class before trying the Hot Flow. This class is designed to open our bodies and relax our minds. The series will always have the same pattern. We warm up with a breathing exercise and sun salutations. Then we move into the standing series followed by some floor postures to lead us into a nice relaxing savasana (resting position).

Warm Flow

All levels welcome. This class is designed with the same postures as our Hot Flow Class. The only difference is we turn the heat down for this one (32 degrees Celsius). A great place to start getting acquainted with yoga.

Yoga for Athletes – Warm

This class offers a challenging and refreshing approach to an athlete’s effort to achieve skill, strength and endurance. It will improve mental focus and increase equanimity. A regular yoga practice can help fend off injury or be used to rehabilitate when injury occurs. This class is an excellent cross training experience, providing information and practices to incorporate into any training schedule for any level of athlete. Come prepared to to breathe mindfully, move with precision and to enjoy some juicy stretching. The warmth of this class (32 degrees) provides a comfortable way to open into the body.

Warm Yin

All levels welcome. Enjoy the long slow holds of this practice. Typically the postures are held for long periods of time to enjoy the opening of the body. Yin is designed to balance the yang or active styles of yoga. Be prepared to breathe and enjoy!! The heat adds a delicious element to relaxation.

Warm yogahour

An accessible yoga class that offers clear and specific alignment instruction for each pose. This helps to promote safety in the practice. This is an ideal class for anyone seeking to become fit and flexible in the context of fun. It is not appropriate for students with limitations or significant injuries. yogahour aims to be the most doable and yet difficult one-hour yoga class offered anywhere.