Your Introduction To Yoga in Edmonton!

Yoga is a global health activity enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. It’s very approachable, starts out easy and can be an ideal low-impact exercise for people with injuries or health concerns.

Still, it’s very common for people to be afraid of looking silly or not fitting in with yoga fanatics. Our approach to yoga is to be inclusive and welcoming, walking you through amateur workouts as a group. Everybody starts as a beginner, and we offer guidance, equipment and lessons tailored towards those who want to explore yoga and see if it’s right for them.

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What to Bring to Yoga

You don’t require much to do yoga, and our location has plenty of equipment to help beginners get into the practice. We have change rooms and lockers on-site, complete with showers if you need to return to work or clean up after a workout. Some things to consider bringing:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat (if you have one)
  • Towel (for Hot Yoga)

The Yoga Mat

For first time yoga students, we encourage you to come to the studio and learn about the proper mats for working out. We have mats available for you to borrow and experience the different types. There is a big difference between cheap and quality mats, and before investing in equipment, try yoga and decide if it’s something you with to pursue further.

Clothing for Yoga

Yoga requires bending, stretching and posing in creative ways, so pick clothing that is comfortable and not too revealing. People often sweat from the workout, so basic athletic and yoga apparel works best. Change rooms are available with lockers.

Yoga Etiquette

Our yoga facility is a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, so we maintain a clean and quite studio. We want everyone to feel welcome and at peace while learning about the art of yoga. Please follow some basic guidelines while at our Edmonton location.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early and familiarize yourself with the studio
  • Fill out our simple waiver if it’s your first time
  • Leave your shoes at the door, Yoga is done bare foot
  • Quiet is important, so low voices and turn cell phones off
  • Please indicate if you are pregnant of have any bodily injuries we should be aware of

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