Yoga for Athletes

Athletes around the world have been known to suffer for their sport. Athletics can take a lot from the body, extreme or otherwise, and give little back, but athletes will still stubbornly continue to push harder, lift more, run further and generally drive their bodies to hell and back to satisfy their ambitions. The gratification that comes from reaching a new goal you set for yourself is addictive, so it’s easy to see how athletes can allow themselves to reach the point where injury may occur. Yoga is practiced by millions to keep fit and healthy, but at its core is the profound benefit of developing a mind-body awareness. It is that connection and balance of mind that many hard-core athletes lack that can lead to physical injury and mental anxiety.

Yoga For Athletes NEW TIME: Every Wednesday 6:15pm-7:30pm.

Athletes who practice yoga gain a clarity of mind and a familiarity with their bodies that allows them to hear what their bodies really need.


Everyone has heard an athlete say from time to time that they just need to “push through it” or “ignore the pain,” but pain is the loudest way your body communicates with you. Pain is your body shouting at you that injury is imminent and that it’s time to slow down and gain some balance. Yoga for Athletes not only increases strength, and cultivates precision, it also quiets the mind to allow the body’s tiniest whisper to reach the surface and be heard.

Okay I get it, Yoga for Athletes will clear my mind, but how will it help my body specifically?

Okay Mr. /Ms. Type A, you want to work hard and build your body further? Yoga for Athletes will give you that too. An intelligent yoga practice uses long deep stretches focusing on the muscles to help work on balance and mobility, while also increasing strength and flexibility.

Athletes frequently over-develop specific parts of their bodies based on the demands of their training. Sports that emphasize running, lifting and swinging movements generate the telltale signs of tight hamstrings and hip flexors, quads and shoulders, which, without proper care, can lead to injuries and, dare I say it… down time.

It’s like building a house on a shaky foundation: it may look great, but a strong wind could blow it all down. By correcting these imbalances you can increase your game and take yourself to the next level. Pairing those rippling muscles with proper body alignment, flexibility, balance, and mindful breathing will allow you to work harder, and run faster so that you can safely feed that pesky adrenaline addiction (you junky you.)

I’m very athletic, but I’ve never done yoga? Where do I start?

For a person experimenting with yoga for the first time it is always better to start at the beginning regardless of your physical prowess. You may be at the top of your game in your sport of choice, but you wouldn’t apply for a job as a top chef, simply because your spaghetti and meatballs recipe can’t be beat. The same principle applies here. You need to learn the basics and understand the powerful impact yoga can have on your body. Starting with a Beginner or Hatha class will help you gain a foundation, that mind-body awareness, before you ramp it up with a more challenging class. Talk to our instructors so that we can better understand your goals and together we can build the yoga practice that will work best for you.

Why Yoga for Athletes? Why shouldn’t I try Vinyasa Flow? That class sounds awesome!

We recommend everyone start with a Beginners Yoga class to gain the fundamentals, but once a student has learned the basics it is inevitable that they will want to take it to the next level. Vinyasa Flow offers a different challenge to step things up, but if you are an athlete, Yoga for Athletes is designed specifically to build strength, endurance, power and flexibility. Yoga for Athletes is tailored to the needs of athletes more so than our other yoga classes and our instructors will expect a studio filled with driven, type-A individuals who are ready to work hard and sweat harder. They will be well prepared with the knowledge and experience required to give you a demanding workout the CORRECT way, so you leave the studio safe as well as sweaty.

Yoga for Athletes will challenge you physically and mentally in ways you cannot imagine. You will not only increase your physical well-being through precise movements, you will improve your mental focus and gain equanimity. Yoga will help you fend off injury, or rehabilitate you when injury occurs, and regardless of whether you run marathons, dance professionally, or play for the Edmonton Oilers, you will see yourself becoming stronger, faster and better connected to your own body. Come prepared to breath mindfully, move with precision and enjoy some juicy stretching in the company of your fellow adrenalin fueled sports junkies! See you there!



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