Yoga For Students Edmonton

Yoga for Students

Being a post-secondary student can be a stressful. Every student at the University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan, or NAIT can understand the pressure of balancing classes, a job, and possibly even the demands of being a student athlete. On top of all of this, you have to fit in a social life. You have an extremely busy schedule. It’s important to prioritize your physical and mental wellness on your to-do list. The rewards of yoga for students are numerous, taking regular classes can help you recharge and find balance during your hectic days.

Keeping your body strong and energized are some of the major benefits of yoga. As a post-secondary student, you spend many hours sitting while attending classes and studying. This leads to your body feeling sluggish and weak. This can make you prone to illness during the winter months. Yoga can help to maintain your body’s flexibility and strength, while boosting your immune defenses to ward off colds and the flu.

Yoga can have a positive impact on your mental well-being as well. Yoga is great for university students because you are probably anxious about numerous conflicting responsibilities. Yoga is very effective at helping people become more present and provides a refuge from an endless to-do list. Regular yoga practice will increase your body’s natural endorphins and reduce anxiety. When you worry less, your memory and concentration increases, you are able to focus on your classes, retain information while you study, and this improves your academic performance.

While you are in school, this is a time to learn new skills, figure out your talents, and make new friends. All of this can happen for you when you are dedicated to your yoga practice. It can be hard to make friends in the classroom when you’re focused on the lectures, but friendships can spark from attending yoga regularly. These friendships can form a support network you will lean on for years to come. You may not be at the point where you are thinking about employment after you are finished school, but employers love to interview and hire well-rounded people. People that are committed to their personal development. Yoga Central is near the U of A and other post-secondary institutions in Edmonton so it’s convenient to make it to yoga classes regularly. You might even consider a Yoga Instructor program that would be extremely impressive on a résumé and provide an incentive to continue your yoga practice. Contact Yoga Central today and find out more about the benefits of yoga for post-secondary students, and check out our class schedule.

Contact Yoga Central today and find out more about the benefits of yoga for post-secondary students, and check out our class schedule.