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TWEEN YOGA: Join other 8-12 year olds at Yoga Central in an empowering TWEEN Yogaclass. The class will focus on a variety of yoga postures, meditation techniques and like minded bonding creating healthier body images, self love, physical fitness, balanced moods and a mind/body connection. Come play with us starting this fall.

Date: Tuesday February 19th- Tuesday March 26th, 2019

Time: 4:45pm-5:45pm

Cost: $70.00 for 6 week

Prenatal Yoga

Date: Monday February 25th- Monday April 1st, 2019

TIme: 6:15pm-7:30pm

Cost $95.00

Instructor: Vera Resera


Have you been wondering about what it would be like to meditate. Calm the mind, relax and let go.  Join Carleen for this 9 week Meditation class. You will be offered the tools to create a successful meditation practice.  Meditating is a powerful gift that we can offer to ourselves. Just like anything we do in life, the more we practices the more we can enjoy the benefits of our practice.

Learn the ancient practice of meditation in 9 weeks. Join Carleen and follow Sarah Mclean’s best seller, “Soul Centered” to develop a daily meditation practice that is sustainable, time tested and supported by modern practice and research. Carleen will guide a variety of meditations as well as lead discussions about awareness, beginners mind, peace, compassion, authenticity, presence and less stress! This class is for adults who want to develop, re-fresh or deepen their practice by committing to a daily meditation for 9 weeks, read a chapter a week and practice with mentorship in a group setting. Join Carleen for this powerful transformational experience.
Date: Spring 2019  Next date TBA
Cost: $170.00 + $25.00 for required book + GST