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Our team is made up of unique instructors who have a passion for yoga. We have attracted in a group of individuals who believe that life is an amazing place to grow and learn. Our intention is to provide you with a space where you can feel safe to practice. All our teachers have learned to teach, but more importantly they teach to learn.

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Sheila Shorten


 I love yoga, I love meditation, and I love Yoga Central.  I am proud to have opened a studio where everyone is welcome.  I am happy to offer you a space you can call home.  Please join me and all the other amazing teachers in an environment dedicated to peace and love!!

Shu Tian


I fell in love with yoga the first class, there is an energy in the classroom that feels like it is an old friend you’ve known for ages even though it is your first time meeting each other. I walked out of the classroom feeling so alive. I felt like I just discovered a whole new self. Sometimes yoga can be very challenging, physically and mentally, but from those challenges I discovered a new space within myself that I can go a little bit further or a new way I can change. Let your body flow with the breath and bring a smile to your face, this is yoga.

Joshua Schofield


Joshua (E-RYT 500) is a dedicated learner. He draws inspiration from his many different styles of yoga training and his past and current athletic life. His flows like to be challenging and his hips classes are way gentle, but all his classes are beginner friendly and great for all levels of yogis. joshusschofield.ca



Meera teaches Yoga for awakening using an array of ancient and modern approaches from a vast array of styles and backgrounds including Kundalini and Kriya Yoga. Her teachings always stem from the heart, fierce love and total devotion. 

Carleen Ellis


Carleen teaches yoga, meditation and contemplative writing. She enjoys classes that slow life down, shed stress and unwind the body/mind, sometimes using mantra, poetry, affirmations or intuitive wisdom. Carleen is passionate about learning and living from the heart, challenging conditioned beliefs and living with vitality. Yoga Central has become her sanctuary for Stress Less!

Monica Desmarais


Monica loves practicing circus aerials, it’s so much fun to climb and be upside down.  She also loves animals, especially her dog Rider. 

Melissa Perret


Melissa started her teaching different style of yoga in 2008. Along the path, she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga and uses a lot of the elements from her practice of passion . Her daily mysore practice and love of ashtanga yoga brings her joy and she really lets that shine in her teaching style




Natasha lives yoga,  not just in the postures but how she lives her life of kindness and empathy.  She teaches all sorts of styles and focuses on kids’ yoga. 

Nancy Conlin


Family friends food and yoga living a healthy lifestyle and compassion for helping others.
Listening to the sounds of nature, hearing a great story being present in the moment and loving every minute of it!

Lori Ellaschuck


Lori loves animals, nature and yoga. She has been teaching Yoga & Pilates for almost ten years. She has been an instructor here at Yoga Central since the day it opened, and truly loves the community it’s made.

Harry Aime


Harry enjoys teaching a variety of classes and is alignment based in his instruction from a direction of safety, not to create the perfect pose. He truly enjoys introducing yoga to beginners and watching them grow in their practice and is grateful to be able to share his passion and knowledge with all of his students. He also enjoys the exploration of the philosophical aspects of yoga and loves to sprinkle bits of philosophy in his classes.

Niel Haggard


Neil has been on a Yoga journey for over 20 years. He teaches a traditional Hatha Yoga practice, is certified in Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics and is an Intermediate Teacher with the Yoga Association of Alberta.
Please join him at Yoga Central for a joyful, playful, blissful Hatha class!

Stephanie McKay


 Yoga has allowed me to make a massive shift into being an observer and listening to my body and its needs and allowing myself to just ‘Be’ rather then always in the constant state of ‘doing’. From the teachers seat I am able to support all students and allow them this same opportunity to dive deeper and discover themselves on a different level. Honoured to hold the space for them to do just that!  Namaste

Gillian Verhey


Gillian has been teaching yoga since 2010, her favourite style to teach is Hatha Yoga. She loves helping guide others and loves Yoga Central!

Jeanette Ward


Jeanette loves sharing her passion for yoga and meditation with her students at Yoga Central.
It is a fabulous space to explore all aspects of yoga – breathing, asana, meditation, etc

Laura Naccarato


Although Laura has been teaching yoga for over ten years, she is also a keen student who loves to learn. She looks forward to seeing you around Yoga Central. 

Taruna Chavda


Under the guidance of skilful teachers and the lens of my own curiosity, my practice has evolved, unfolded and continues to do so.
It brings joy to my heart to teach yoga. I would like others to experience the many benefits of yoga.

Michelle Chung


In my wildest dreams, I never expected to travel down this wonderful path of teaching. I have my masters in occupational therapy and incorporate my therapeutic knowledge with yoga to make yoga a safe and accessible approach to health and well being for everyone. I am humbled to have the opportunity to encourage the exploration of yoga in others and hope that I can inspire others to find what they are seeking for in their own personal journey. “Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be.”

Vera Resera


Vera Resera is a Certified Yoga Instructor, 500 hours, and is a member of the Yoga Association of Alberta. Vera is recognized for her heartfelt, caring and nurturing nature. Her experience in prenatal, postnatal, gentle, yin yoga and yoga Nidra are supported by her strengths and deep understanding of breathing, relaxation, meditation and stress management techniques.

Elise Ure


I have always been passionate about fitness and healthy living. I believe in growing and developing the spirit, mind, and body through the daily practice of healthy living. I am so blessed that I get to share my passion every day, with people of all ages, walks of life, and demographics. 

My philosophy that I live by is to “Turn intensions into Action ….. One step at a time.”

Rebecca McKinley YT500


Yoga was first introduced to Rebecca by her father while he practiced in their family home when she was just 6 or 7 years old. The seed was planted early on though not really watered until her late twenties after opening a Wellness Center in Edmonton.

Rebecca is a long-time practitioner of many wholistic wellbeing modalities including meditation, mind body therapies, varying yoga practices and the integration of whole person discovery.
One commonly heard statement by Rebecca is,” If you have issues in your tissues then motion is the lotion” and she means it.

Tia-Christina Martineau


Tia’s goal is to help her students find and maintain a healthy blissful mind and body, so that they to can experience life to the fullest! With each breath, we bring forth the universal connection of like-minded people together as one.

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