Please check back.  We are closed for renovations. We fully expect to be back and operational on Monday September 17h, 2018.

Activating Your Future Potental:
This workshop is a powerful opportunity to create and live in an authentic way. If you have been wanting to find more freedom, this workshop is for you.  We will use guided meditation, movement, and discussion to create an authentic relationship with self.  Plan to feel, experience and take away some great ideas to cultivate your future potential.
Glenda Lane: Glenda Lane is an intuitive energy guide who has combined 26 years of experience as a physical therapist and 6 years as an intuitive transformational coach to help people tap into their innate body wisdom, return home to their hearts and remember the truth of who they are. She teaches simple but powerful energy tools and practices, empowering people to create how they desire to feel and live.
Sheila Shorten:  Sheila has spent the last 25 years cultivating the tools to live an authentic life. Recently she has discovered her potential to live more peacefully and with an open heart.  She has an understanding that we all are meant to live with this deep passion.  Her greatest joy is to share this wisdom with others.  She is not at the end of this journey but on a never ending path to unravel the miracles of life.
The workshop is limited to 15 people. Yoga Central has blocks, bolsters and blankets for a comfortable environment. Bring a yoga mat, journal, water and a light snack.
Date: Saturday October 13th, 2018
Time: 1pm-4pm
Cost $60.00