Yoga Tune Up Weekend with Kirsten Trued
Rolling in the Depths
Do you feel like you’re always bracing for impact? Lives are hectic and people depend on us but this is your time to take a break. Dive under the surface of your tension in this 2 hour workshop designed to tame the tightness in your body and mind.
By tapping into the power of your breath, releasing tightness in your connective tissues and just choosing to be present in the experience, we will undo the layers of tension that build up gradually and leave us constantly “on edge”.
This workshop is suitable to EVERYONE, no experience in yoga necessary. You will also receive a pair of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to take home from our time together.
Date: Friday June 1st, 2018
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Cost $45.00 includes Tune Up Balls
Total Body Tune Up: Makeover your Movement
Repeated improper alignment in your yoga practice – and in your life – can create pain and injury. Learn how to Live Better in Your Body with this complete movement makeover! 
This workshop will guide you through playful and mobilizing techniques that will create spaciousness in the joints, increase your range of movement and show you how to align yourself with consistent precision in multiple postures. The workshop builds on the myofascial release exploration from Friday night’s session, but it’s not required. This is your opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your practice, learn the body mechanics behind classic postures and practice mobility sequences to give you more access to the key joints.
Yogis and athletes alike will leave with a bag of tricks to unwind the tension in their tissues. But as always, no prior yoga experience is necessary.
Date: Sunday June 3rd, 2018
Time: 1:15pm-3:15pm
Cost $45.00 includes a set of Tune UP Balls.
Fascia Unpacked: The Science behind Myofascial Release
What is fascia and how does it affect your movement? If you are a yoga or pilates teacher, personal trainer, or fitness coach, you know that stretching and rolling are an important part of keeping your students and clients healthy. But what is the science behind this work and what does current research tell us about the vitality of our connective tissue?
During our time together, we will discuss:
  • What happens in the body when you roll out?
  • Why is myofascial release on the forefront of movement modalities?
  • How can you use rolling in your classes?
Just as there are many ways to move the body, there are just as many ways to ‘roll out’ your tissues. This 3-hour workshop will be comprised of both lecture and movement. Instead of focusing on one specific tool or technique, with our new knowledge of fascial anatomy, we will work with many gadgets. I will have a few on hand, but please bring your rollers, balls, donuts, spikes, or domes. 
This workshop is created with teachers in mind, but if you are fascinated by the human body and keen on self-care, please join in on the nerdy fun! In addition to continuing education credits, you can expect to walk away with new skills for working with individual clients as well as in group classes.
Saturday June 2nd
Time: 12noon-3pm
Cost $80.00 .Yoga Central will have tune up balls available for purchase for this workshop