Yin and Massage with Lori Ellaschuk

Experience Yin in a beautiful way by allowing Lori and her team of Massage Therapists/Yoga Instructors, to help support you while you enjoy the complete experience of the class.     The 2-hour class will be lead by Meera, and a very inviting and peaceful environment will include light music, aromatherapy and candles.  No experience in Yoga is required.  Gift yourself and or someone you love to a beautiful class that you will receive massage and gentle adjustments throughout, in order to help deepen and help you relax and “let go”.   Aromatherapy, candles and props will make this an extra special experience 

Relax and Unwind……..and let us take care of you!


Time: 6pm-8pm

Cost: $50.0

Talk and Shamanic Healing

Open to all the possibilities that exist for you and create the life you desire.

In this session, you will be led through a shamanic journey called the Interdimensional Journey.
A shamanic journey allows one the ability to enter into an extra-ordinary reality and peer into a world that is unseen and unknown to obtain information and mingle with the Divine. What you experience allows you to heal, understand, and evolve.

In the interdimensional journey, you connect to a “higher” consciousness – a version of yourself that has mastered certain skills and healed specific issues. What you receive becomes like a road map or a guide to a particular destination.

Janelle will share her personal story of how experiencing the interdimensional journey and meeting a particular version of herself has created new opportunities and completely altered the course of her life.

Date: Saturday February 9th, 2019
Cost  $35.00
Time: 2pm-4pm